Bill Barr says Trump should NOT run for re-election in 2024: Former AG says Republicans can’t keep talking about the last election and calls for a party ‘civil war’ to bring in a ‘new era just like Reagan did’



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President Donald Trump’s attorney general Bill Barr said that his former boss is not up to the task of winning the ‘transformative’ 2024 election and should not again seek the presidency.

The former attorney general said that 2024’s presidential election required a Republican who could usher in a new era as Ronald Reagan did in 1980, and said focusing on the 2020 election is not a winning strategy.

‘I’m all for a new era. That’s what I’m all about, is restoring the greatness of this country. And the principle threat is this progressive agenda. The only way to do that is not to speak about some other election and continue this trench warfare but instead a breakthrough election that will create and usher in an era just like Reagan did,’ Barr told the Washington Examiner. 

‘I don’t necessarily want to take a shot at Trump, but Trump is not that man,’ he added.

‘If you believe in the MAGA agenda, we’ve already punched the other guy in the nose. Now, how do we actually go about methodically restoring the United States?’ Barr questioned.

Barr said that Republicans needed to win a wide and decisive victory. ‘And you don’t do that by starting a civil war in the party and calling everyone who doesn’t believe that the election was stolen a RINO.’

The interview did not touch on who Barr felt would be best suited to run as the GOP contender.

Recent polling has shown that Republicans would rather see Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis than Trump at the top of the ticket.

A recent poll of Wisconsin state GOP convention-goers found that more Republicans want DeSantis to be the nominee than Trump.

Viewing a potential 2024 field, 38 percent of convention-goers wanted DeSantis, 32 percent favored Trump and 7 percent wanted former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Not wanting to commit to challenging a former president, potential 2024 contenders have so far been stuck in limbo waiting on Trump to publicly commit one way or another on whether he’ll run. Trump has been testing his ‘kingmaker’ status within the party over a series of spring primary races that pit Trump-backed candidates against a number of his incumbent foes who refused to deny the results of the 2020 election.

The nation’s former top law enforcement officer also said he believes Trump could easily won the 2020 election with only a ‘minor adjustment to his behavior.’

Barr, a longtime Trump acolyte, said that his former boss fired him on the spot when he disputed Trump’s election fraud claims.

Barr has for months been promoting his recently released memoir, One Damn Thing After Another: Memoirs of An Attorney General.

In the Washington Examiner interview Barr touched on wide-ranging subjects such as how he found community through bag piping and his parents forcing him to drink a glass of Guinness each day as a child.

‘I was a scrawny kid, picky eater, and I was walking to kindergarten one day, and I collapsed, I passed out. And so they took me up to St. Luke’s Hospital, which is in the Upper West Side of New York,’ Barr said.

Still, this week Barr called the Russia probe a ‘dirty’ trick and says there was ‘seditious activity’ in explosive new comments while pro…

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