Horrifying Study Finds Microplastics in Lungs of 11 of 13 Living Patients…In Stool of Newborn Babies



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Microplastics from COVID-19 face coverings get deep within your lungs

A study from the UK has found microplastics in surgical lung samples from 11 our of 13 patients–and masks are the culprit.

These small pieces of plastic not only negatively impact the environment just as much as a bottle or bag, but they can have harmful effects on an individual’s health as well. The plastics found and inhaled in masks disrupt natural sex hormones, posing a risk to the health and fertility of developing children especially.

Microplastics can be inhaled from the day to day exposure to air pollution which most people encounter. However, it has been exasperated by the endemic face coverings during COVID-19.

The most abundant types of microplastics were polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET.) This finding points to the recent ubiquitous use of blue surgical masks during the pandemic as PP is the most commonly used plastic component in those masks.

“Surgical, cotton, fashion, and activated carbon masks wearing pose higher fiber-like microplastic inhalation risk …” and yet, according to Chris Schaefer, a respirator specialist and training expert, the masks used by millions of people throughout the world are not really masks at all.

Schaefer calls these “breathing barriers” as they “don’t meet the legal definition” of a mask. He was emphatic that the surgical masks used by consumers throughout Canada, the U.S. and the world are shedding microplastics small enough to be inhaled.

Reusing masks poses a particularly increased risk of inhalation of microplastics.

Another study from a German physicist also had shocking results indicating that the mortality rate in nations which had mandatory masking was higher than in countries which did not, implying that masks may actually have an adverse impact on the survival odds for COVID-19 infection.

“The most important finding from this study is that contrary to the accepted thought that fewer people are dying because infection rates are reduced by masks, this was not the case. Results from this study strongly suggest that mask mandates actually caused about 1.5 times the number of deaths or ~50% more deaths compared to no mask mandates.”

The plastic pollutants from masks which we take in cause damage to our cells and can even pass in-utero from a pregnant mother to their unborn child, as is indicated by the higher mic…

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