Arizona Mother Sentenced To 5 Days In Jail After Questioning School’s COVID Rules



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An Arizona mother was sentenced to five days in jail after questioning the Covid quarantine policy of her daughter’s school.

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An Arizona mother who has been sentenced to five days in jail for questioning Covid policies she called unconstitutional while at her daughter’s school is speaking out about her sentence.

Jennifer Majuta, a mother to a 16-year-old daughter, was arrested in August of last year at Walden Grove High School, just outside of Tucson, and charged with a class 3 misdemeanour for allegedly trespassing on school property. Today she joined Valiant News Associate Editor Jack Hadfield to talk about her experience.

Along with other parents and concerned citizens, Majuta and her husband Damian questioned the school’s quarantine policy, whereby students who the school deemed to be unvaccinated would have to quarantine for 10 days if they came into contact with somebody who was covid positive. Majuta explained to Hadfield that locals raised multiple issues with the policy.

“Whatever side of Covid you’re on, there is still due process that has to be followed,” Majuta said. “We knew as parents that something was wrong. They can’t arbitrarily remove our children from in-person education without any kind of proof.”

She told Hadfield that the school did not actually have proof that all the students they believed were unvaccinated actually were not, as they were going only off of county health records. If a student was vaccinated outside of the county, they could not be counted as having taken the vaccine.

“They’re going off what they think and not fact,” she added. “It is absolutely unconstitutional.”

In addition, the Covid vaccine was never actually required by the school as part of their overall vaccination program for attendance, and so an exemption form was never created or issued by the school.

Qualifying questions, such as whether the student had antibodies for covid, or had been exposed in the last 90 days, were also never asked by the school when demanding students be quarantined. Answering yes to these questions would allow an exemption to the quarantine.

“Not only are they not asking questions, they are suppressing options,” Majuta explained.

“There’s a constitutional complaint form that we came to find out was in the office, and in the student handbook it says that students need to be aware of this,” she told Valiant News. “Instead, they refused to talk to us, they only reiterated that they were following the Pima County health mandate,” she added.

The school couldn’t provide evidence to back the claim “because it violates other children’s privacy,” Majuta said. At the same time, “They had no problem with announcing to the entire school” that certain stu…

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