Newly Released Data Raises Serious Questions About Fulton County 2020 Presidential Election Certification Process



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The data has been presented to Governor Kemp’s team and is currently being vetted. They plan to respond “early next week.”

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Joe Rossi is a Georgia citizen whose election integrity group’s work was the basis for Governor Kemp’s letter dated November 17, 2021, where Kemp said the State Elections Board “must act swiftly” regarding the Risk-Limiting Audit Report for Fulton County. Specifically, the Governor stated “the data that exists in public view on the Secretary of State’s website of the RLA report, does not inspire confidence. It is sloppy, inconsistent and presents questions…”

A previously unreleased document for the certified vote recount (Machine Count 2) conducted on December 1 and 2, 2020, entitled Batches Loaded Report #1 (BLR1), raises even more serious questions about how the certified vote count in Fulton County was obtained.

On December 2, 2020 at 11:52 PM, Fulton County Georgia announced, “Fulton County Has Completed The Recount Of The November 3 Presidential Election. Results will be released by the Secretary of State’s Office.”

Subsequently, on Dec 3rd 2020 at 12:06 PM, the first Batches Loaded Report (BLR1) report was time-stamped. The Batches Load Report is produced after uploading each tabulator’s memory card to the Dominion Election Management System and is the final vote count.

The metadata for BLR1 was measured in Zulu Time, and the BLR1 report was created at 12:06 PM, while the email from Richard Barron to Ryan Macias, a member of the National Task Force on Election Crises and “elections expert,” was sent at 12:13 PM, just seven minutes later. The email had an attachment, “Batches Loaded Report.xml.”

Barron admitted in a Fulton Elections Board Meeting on December 4th, 2020 that their vote count was short of Machine Count 1’s total, the original November 3rd tally. In that same meeting, Barron stated that “the state” told them to “reconcile” it. Seven minutes later, at 12:13 PM, Batches Loaded Report 1 (BLR1) was attached in an email sent by Richard Barron to Ryan Macias.

511,727 votes were recorded in Batches Loaded Report 1 (BLR1), about 17,000 votes short of the November 3rd total from Machine Count 1.

The reconciliation process requested of Richard Barron by “the state” resulted in the generation of Batches Loaded Report #2 (BLR2) sometime after 12:06 PM on December 3rd, 2020. Batches Loa…

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