53% of Republicans believe US headed towards civil war



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A concerning percentage of Americans believe that the country is on a collision course with a civil war, according to a new poll. The survey also revealed there is an alarming number of Americans who would support carrying out political violence against government leaders.

The Tulchin Research group conducted a survey of 1,500 Americans in April, and the Southern Poverty Law Center published the distressing results on Wednesday.

When asked if “gender ideology has corrupted American culture,” there was a stark partisan divide – with 72% of Republicans saying it had damaged the culture versus only 34% of Democrats.

According to the SPLC poll, 44% of young male Democrats and 34% of young male Republicans would approve of assassinating “a politician who is harming our country or democracy.” The percentage plummets to 6% of older male Democrats and Republicans.

When it comes to “threatening a politician who is harming our country or democracy,” there are 46% of younger Republican men and 40% of younger Democratic men who approve. The poll defines “younger” as Americans under the age of 50.

There were 45% of young male Republicans and 43% of young male Democrats who support “participating in a political revolution even if it is violent in its ends.”

There were 44% of Americans who believe that the “U.S. seems headed toward a civil war in the near future,” including 53% of Republicans and 39% of Democrats.

There were 62% of gun-owning Republicans who believe the government wants to confiscate their guns, but just 35% of Democrat voters with firearms came to the same hypothesis. More than 40% of gun-owning Republicans say they own a firearm “in case I may need to use it to protect myself against the government.”

Another poll released last July discovered that two-thirds of Republicans in the Sou…

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