Oklahoma Gov. Stitt signs bill requiring students to use bathrooms aligned with their biological sex at birth



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Stitt told Fox News Digital the measure is designed to ‘protect girls’ while accommodating transgender students

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Oklahoma Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt says the measure he signed into law on Wednesday that requires students in schools across the state to use restrooms that align with their biological sex at birth is “common sense” and that it is “kind of crazy” that the law had to be passed in the first place.

The legislation, Senate Bill 615, now applies to students in pre-K to 12th grade at public and public charter schools in the state. In addition to bathrooms, the new law also requires students to use locker rooms that align with their biological sex at birth.

The bill, which successfully passed through the Oklahoma state legislature last week, calls for schools to “provide a reasonable accommodation to any individual who does not wish to comply” with the new law. That accommodation, according to the measure, is “access to a single-occupancy restroom or changing room.”

“It’s common sense,” Stitt told Fox News Digital as he described the law during an interview on Thursday. “It’s kind of crazy that we have to pass laws like this nowadays, but it just simply says we’re gonna protect girls. Girls are going to go to girls bathrooms, boys are going to go to boys bathrooms, and that’s gonna be law for children K through 12 in Oklahoma. We’ll have a third, single-use, single-person bathroom for anyone who maybe doesn’t, you know, wanna use any one of those bathrooms — which is fine.”

“We’ve heard from parents, we’ve heard from families, we’ve heard from little girls, they’re not going to be comfortable sharing a bathroom with boys throughout school,” he added.

Asked about what safety this provides for those who have raised concern about sharing bathrooms with transgender students, Stitt reiterated that it is “common sense” and insisted that during his tenure as governor he will not allow boys to expose themselves to little girls in school bathrooms or locker rooms.

“We’re not attacking anybody,” Stitt said. “We’re just simply protecting our young ladies and our young people.”

“We think that, with kids of my own, I’ve got three daughters and I’ve got three sons, there’s a difference between boys and girls,” he said. “We’re going to protect the innocence of our young people. That’s something that’s the parents decision, but I’m not going to let a boy expose himself to a little girl in the bathroom or share a bathroom with the opp…

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