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“O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker.”  Psalms 95:6 (KJV) 

I was skeptical that the Sussman prosecution would tell us much that is new, but some significant nuggets have come out. Like this one: “FBI brass were ‘fired up’ about now-debunked Trump-Russia ties.”

FBI leaders, including then-Director James Comey, were “fired up” about a potential connection between the Trump campaign and Russia — which ultimately was proven false, text messages and court testimony revealed Tuesday.

On Sept. 21, 2016, two days after Hillary Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann gave then-FBI General Counsel James Baker info about a supposed digital back channel between the Trump Organization and Moscow-based Alfa Bank, agent Joe Pientka texted colleague Curtis Heide: “People on 7th floor to include Director are fired up about this server.”

So there was zero evidence of any connection between presidential candidate Donald Trump and the Alfa Bank, or any other Russians of note, and all one of Hillary Clinton’s lawyers had to do was waltz into the Bureau with some fabricated “data” and FBI Director James Comey and others were “fired up.” The lust to defeat the interloper Trump and elect Hillary Clinton is palpable.

“Did you guys open a case? Reachout [sic] and put tools on?” Pientka asked. “If not I will call Dan as Priestap says its [sic] not an option – we must do it.”

That is, did they open a case to investigate presidential candidate Trump? Failing to do so is “not an option,” evidence be damned. And one wonders what “tools” were to be put on the case.

“[R]oger,” Heide replied. “we are opening a [counterintelligence] case today.”

Later in the day, Pientka told Heide that a unit would be assigned to the case shortly, adding, “go forth and conquer.”

That is, go forth and conquer the rebel Donald Trump, who was standing up for the American people against the swamp–of which the FBI’s political leaders are charter members.

The FBI almost immediately began lying about Sussman:

Two days later, Heide and fellow FBI agent Allison Sands drafted an electronic communication to investigators incorrectly stating the Justice Department had referred the matter to the FBI on Sept. 19, the day Sussmann met with Baker.

In fact, it wasn’t DOJ, it was the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign. But this lie strikes me as curious. If the FBI really believed that Sussman was acting as a disinterested, concerned citizen, why didn’t it just say that the investigation was prompted by information from a concerned citizen? Why lie, unless key people within the Bureau knew that Sussman was acting for the Hillary Clinton campaign, and the purpose of the FBI’s inv…

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