Elon Musk Sets Twitter On Fire After Calling Out Hillary Clinton’s 2016 “Campaign Hoax”



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Campaign Hoax

“O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker.”  Psalms 95:6 (KJV) 

Intrepid entrepreneur and seeming free-speech savior Elon Musk once again waded into the fraught political waters of American uniparty schemes, this time calling out failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for her elaborate “campaign hoax” in 2016.

Musk has previously commented on Jeffrey Epstein’s client list, George Soros’ donations, Donald Trump’s Twitter saga, and voting Republican.

Musk was prompted by a Twitter user to discuss Hillary’s involvement in the 2016 insurrection against a populist presidential candidate and eventual presidential winner, as well as how pushing such obvious propaganda will be treated under his ownership. The user asked about the new disinformation policy should he take over the company.

“@elonmusk I have reported this tweet as misleading disinformation to the powers that be at @twitter,” the user began. “I would be interested to know if, when you receive control over the company, anything was done with this at any level. Pls advise soonest.”

Musk responded in kind.

“You are absolutely correct. That tweet is a Clinton campaign hoax for which their campaign lawyer is undergoing a criminal trial,” Musk then linked to a BBC article about the trial of Michael Sussmann, who served as an attorney for the Clinton campaign in 2016.

The tweet in question was from the fruitless October surprise bandied by Clinton and high-level Democrats, including, if reports are to be believed, then-President Barack Obama and heads of various intelligence agencies.

Clinton tweeted in late October of 2016 as a response to Joe Biden’s current National Security Advisor, who was then working on the Clinton cam…

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