It’s official: Ron DeSantis files paperwork to run for President hours before announcement with Elon Musk TONIGHT – and is now set for a ferocious battle with Trump

Ron DeSantis filed paperwork to run for President Wednesday afternoon

Ron DeSantis officially filed paperwork Wednesday afternoon to run for president in 2024.

The highly anticipated run is now off to a start and will likely see a brutal battle between the Florida governor and former President Donald Trump as the two frontrunners vye for the Republican nomination.

DeSantis is expected to hold later Wednesday evening a conversation on Twitter with its CEO Elon Musk confirming the run following months of speculation that he would enter the running. 

The former president holds an outright majority, leading the field with support from 53 percent of Republicans in the latest CNN/SSRS poll, which puts his backing from voters at double that of DeSantis’ 26 percent support.

That is in keeping in line with other surveys that show DeSantis far behind Trump, with a spread that has only grown during with Trump facing a raft of legal challenges.

Sources confirmed to that the Florida Governor will hold a Twitter Spaces with Musk on Wednesday at 6pm ET to formally announce he is entering the race to set up a showdown with Trump. 

At the age of 44, DeSantis is one of the younger candidates to launch a bid for the Oval Office and is more than three decades younger than his main rival. 


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