How Covid Tyranny Destroys Society

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The dark powers that control the world have used the fake Covid “pandemic” to isolate people from one another and destroy social bonds. This isolation isn’t accidental but is the aim of these powers, in order to weaken resistance to their efforts to cement their dominance. All this is in addition to the death and destruction caused by the fake “vaccines.”

Brandon Smith gives a good analysis of the effects of Covid lockdowns: “Today’s calls for overreaching government power in the name of ‘beating coronavirus’ [is] no different. In the wake of widespread fear, people suffer from fits of temporary madness that allows them rationalize moral relativism and unnecessary sacrifices.

I’ve never really understood that aspect of behavior among certain groups. I’ve never been so fearful of losing my life that I was willing to hand over anything including my freedom and my future on the mere chance that I could stay alive just a little longer. But for some, that fear dominates their every waking moment.

To me, this would be a torturous and empty existence. What do these people have to live for anyway? Obviously they don’t care about their children because they are willing to give away their children’s future just so they can feel safer today. Do they have some kind of epic contribution for the good of humanity and they feel they must do anything to survive long enough to make it happen? Are they working on the cure for cancer or a path to world peace? I doubt it.

More likely they work in an office building or a McDonalds or teach kindergarten at a public school. They aren’t contributing all that much, but they are perfectly willing to trade their freedom and everyone’s freedom for a little more time on this Earth. I’ve seen 85-year-old men that can’t move around without a walker raging about people who ‘don’t wear masks’ and how they should be ‘thrown in jail’.



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