Former Fox News reporter demands people be jailed over ‘misinformation’ while attacking Tucker Carlson



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Reporter Carl Cameron was a staple of Fox News’ political reporting for more than two decades. He left Fox News in 2017 after joining the network at its founding.

Now, Cameron purportedly believes some of the network’s talent should be jailed for spreading alleged “misinformation.”

Wait, what?

During an interview on MSNBC, Cameron praised President Joe Biden’s divisive speech in Buffalo (in which he attacked Republicans) and claimed — without evidence — that Republicans are the “purveyors” of misinformation.

In fact, the problem is so bad that Cameron wants the purported guilty to be jailed.

“I think the president did a great job. I wish he had done a lot of this a lot sooner, and we need a lot more from the left and the middle, and we got to watch out because the Republicans have become the purveyors of misinformation, and when our two-party system is broken like that, democracy is seriously in trouble,” Cameron said.

“It’s time to actually start doing things and maybe taking some names and putting people in jail,” he declared.

Later in the interview, MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace claimed without evidence that Carlson’s rhetoric is “the fringe of the fringe,” characterization with which Cameron appeared to agree.

“I really can’t channel how Tucker believes in any of this stuff and how the network can go through with it,” he said.

Anything else?

Perhaps Cameron’s alarming comments should be received with a large grain of salt. After all, Cameron and Fox News app…

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