Event 202: What are Smallpox Pandemic Simulations Foreshadowing?



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From Event 201 to the controversial decisions of the Obama and Trump Administrations to remove a moratorium placed on funding gain of function research, to the seemingly preemptive declaration of Anthony Fauci in 2017 that the US would soon face a pandemic, it seems like the writing was on the wall all along for the outbreak of COVID-19. Although hindsight is 20/20, it also imbues us with foresight in the atypical event that we actually learn from our mistakes. As the United States announces its first confirmed domestic cases of monkeypox in 2022, parallels between what led up to the COVID-19 pandemic appear to be eerily similar. That similarity is echoed in Europe, where the actions of public health bureaucracies appear every bit as analogous. To tie a bow around those developments, the emergence of an NGO-backed global narrative has been authored by a panel entrusted by the World Health Organization that may serve as the script for whatever stage has been set.

Just as Event 201 simulated the global response to a coronavirus pandemic just months before its actual onset, Germany has chosen to enact a similar exercise concerning an outbreak of smallpox, hosting health ministers from other G7 nations. This decision follows the release of a report from the Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response (“IPPPR”). Despite issuing a report to the WHO last year titled “Making COVID-19 the Last Pandemic, the IPPPR report on the threat of a global monkeypox outbreak projects that the virus could kill as many as 250 million of the 3 billion infections it forecast over an 18 month period.

These smallpox pandemic simulations are far from the first of their kind. In fact, the Center for Health and Security (“CHS”) already held several of these exercises years even before Event 201. Like the forthcoming pandemic simulation in Germany, CHS’ Operation Dark Winter simulated the ramifications of a smallpox vaccine all the way back in 2001. The case study conducted by Dark Winter coupled with the threat of terrorism manufactured by the US under the Bush Administration to pass the National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive more commonly known as Directive 51. This directive outlined the continuity of government that would be enacted in the event of a catastrophe, an action which has been made possible due to an on-going state of emergency reauthorized every 90 days since September 14, 2001 in response to 9/11.

Though overshadowed by the bellicose tone targeting terrorism as the country’s greatest existential threat since nuclear war, Dark Winter highlighted the potential that epidemic disease outbreaks could have in providing an emergency situation that could drastically extend the powers of the federal government. The dynamic forged by the passage of Directive 51 was evident in the US pandemic response to COVID-19 which facilitated the unprecedented expansion of government power over even the most minute aspects of the everyday lives of citizens.

Germany’s smallpox pandemic simulation rides that momentum by apparently setting the stage for a successive public health emergency in response to the cases of monkeypox to emerge in Europe. Notably, the exercise presupposes a zoonotic the origin of a smallpox outbreak through a narrative that echoes Event 201, which designated pigs used as livestock as the origin of a new coronavirus. These presuppositions were essential to policy makers as they provided the undertones needed to promote the theory that COVID-19 emerged zoonotically from horseshoe bats who naturally developed the disease. The value of simulating a public health response that emphasized that zoonotic origin was essential to obfuscated COVID-19’s apparent origins as the result of gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. With this is in mind, the premise that forthcoming cases of smallpox could be the result of similar exp…

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