Chicken wings for $34! Bidenflation of 9.4% is forcing retailers to charge market prices for WINGS as local businesses are pushed to the brink



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Sal and Mookies owners Jeff Good and Dan Blumenthal have been forced to raise their chicken wing prices from $13.95 to market value up to $27.95
However, Good said the ‘real cost’ is $34, as flour and cooking oil is up as well
Food inflation is up 9.4 percent in April and staple foods, such as meat and dairy, are also skyrocketing
Flour alone jumped 40 percent, oil 41 percent, butter 51 percent, and eggs surged a whopping 220 percent in the last 12 months
Consumers are expected to see ‘sizable hikes’ in the coming months as prices are surging faster than the percentage is being calculated

“O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker.”  Psalms 95:6 (KJV) 

As the warm weather rolls in and Americans prepare for summer barbeques and games days, they might just be shocked at the price of their favorite staple: chicken wings.

Inflation has soared since President Joe Biden, 79, took office while the US still grapples with the ongoing pandemic and supply shortages.

The prices of groceries have soared a shocking 14.3 percent, causing bigger shopping bills and inflated menu prices.

Jeff Good and Dan Blumenthal, the owners of Sal and Mookies – an NYC-themed restaurant chain in Mississippi – have been forced to sell chicken wings at market value – a menu discretion usually only saved for luxury items, such as lobster.

The popular menu item of a saucy basket of 15 wings retailed at $13.95 before the Covid 19 outbreak, but can now go up to $27.95 – or what Good estimates to be the ‘real cost’ of $34.

The restaurant menu now simply states that the wings are market price, and leaves the actual price blank, next to a note that states: ‘Due to national shortages, our wings prices fluctuate.’

‘We have never, ever seen anything like what we’re seeing right now,’ Good, who has been a restaurant owner for almost 30 years, told the Orange County Register. Good also said he is considering taking the item off the menu.

A 40-pound box of chicken wings used to cost them $85. But with food inflation up 9.4 percent – the largest increase since 1981 – huge consumer demand, and the supply chain crisis keeping wings in very short supply, the same box can now cost up to $150.

On top of that, restaurant owners are facing not only a price jump in chicken wings, but flour, cooking oils, meats, and dairy are also rising in price.

Prices are often jumping higher than the Consumer Price Index (CPI) which will continue to effect consumer prices, which are measured in Producer Price Index (PPI).

Flour alone jumped 40 percent, oil 41 percent, butter 51 percent, and eggs surged a whopping 220 percent in the last 12 months, according to the National Restaurant Association.

In addition, Good and Blumenthal are facing rising labor costs, as well as unexpected new charges, such as a $40 fuel charge per visit for the three locations air conditioners.

Good told the Orange County Register that to cope with rising inflation, he had to raise menu prices. The average menu price in the US soared 7.2 percent within the last year.

Unlike small businesses, who are forced to change their prices much faster, big chains can oftentimes hold on a little longer before increasing value. However, fast-food chain Wendy’s had to raise fan favorite menu items, such as the Bac…

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