‘Treasonous charade’: Trump reacts to Durham Report’s release

'There must be a heavy price to pay for putting our country through this'
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Special Counsel John Durham, in a report that is devastatingly critical of the FBI, the Department of Justice and others who conspired to create a “Russia collusion” investigation into President Trump when he was a candidate in 2016, says there was no evidence to support that collusion.

In fact, the nation now knows from the evidence that members of the Deep State in Washington worked with Democrats in the Hillary Clinton campaign to create claims of collusion against Trump.

Durham was assigned to review how those claims came to be, after Special Counsel Robert Mueller spent years of time, millions of dollars, and a good share of Trump’s first term, finding no evidence of that collusion.

Durham’s report said the agenda before there were claims regarding comments by George Papadopoulos, an unpaid foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign, “the government possessed no verified intelligence reflecting that Trump or the Trump campaign was involved in a conspiracy or collaborative relationship with officials of the Russian government. Indeed, based on the evidence gathered in the multiple exhaustive and costly federal investigations of these matters, including the intant investigation, neither U.S. law enforcement nor the Intelligence Community appears to have possessed any actual evidence of collusion in their holdings at the commencement of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.”


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