Democrats Push Election Task Force: Latino Voters “Are Highly Susceptible to Misinformation”



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“O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker.”  Psalms 95:6 (KJV) 

Oh, the irony.

Democrats, who claim that they are against racism, now claim that minorities are too stupid to figure out what’s true and what’s misinformation.

Darren Soto tweeted:

In an effort to tackle election mis/disinformation, we sent a letter to @TheJusticeDept asking how their Election Threats Task Force is focusing on Spanish speaking communities.

Spanish language voters are highly susceptible to misinformation and must be protected.

First things first: since when did the Justice Department have an Election Threats Task Force focused on minority communities?

And why are they specifically targeting latinos?

Could it be because hispanic voters supported President Trump in historic numbers during the 2020 presidential election?

And could it be because more and more minorities are turning to the Republican party?

See Representative Darren Soto’s tweet below:

Democrats had a problem with Hispanic voters in 2020.

A historic share voted for President Trump and Republicans up and down the ticket.

But now, with the economy in shambles, more and more are turning on Joe Biden.

Reuters confirms:

Ricardo Aguirre sits near his two taco trucks and laments the soaring cost of tomatoes, onions, meat and cilantro,

which have doubled in price in recent months, hammering his Phoenix-based catering business.

Aguirre, 43, usually votes for the Democratic Party. But with inflation hitting a 40-year high in February he has a stark warning for Democrats as they seek to keep control of the U.S. Congress in November’s elections.

“If the Republican Party has something better to offer us, I will vote Republican,” said Aguirre. Republicans, he believes, are generally better economic stewards who could have more success in reducing prices.

Aguirre runs Tamales y Tacos Puebla from the heavily Hispanic Alhambra neighborhood in Phoenix, where talk of record-high gas and food prices was dominating conversations in front gardens, stores and restaurants when Reuters visited.

Of 35 Hispanic voters Reuters spoke to in two toss-up races in Arizona and Colorado, 20 – including Aguirre – said soaring inflation is causing them to seriously consider voting for Republicans. The majority of those said they usually vote Democrat.

Many said they don’t necessarily blame Democrats but have lost faith in their ability to solve inflation and are increasingly willing to let Republicans try.

Even a small loss of support among Hispanics – a key component of the Democratic coalition of voters that brought President Joe Biden to power – could mean the loss of the House of Representatives and possibly the Senate for Democrats.

Four of the top 15 congressional targets for Republicans are races with heavy Mexican-American populations, according to Mike Madrid, a Republican strategist based in California.

Inflation is now the top worry among Hispanic voters, according to an Axios-Ipsos poll released in March. A Quinnipiac University poll published on April 13 found that just 26% of Hispanic voters approved of Biden’s job performance, the lowest mark of any demographic.

That could be a further sign of what pollsters say is a long-term erosion of support for Democrats among Latinos.

While Biden won 61% of Latino voters in the 2020 presidential election, there was an 8% percent swing toward his Republican opponent, Donald Trump, Democratic polling firm Catalist found in 2021.

Hispanic voters are a large and diverse segment of the electorate and are not uniform in how they vote. In Florida for example, many are Cuban-Americans who tilt more conservative. In the American Midwest and West, a majority are of Mexican origin, have traditionally tended to vote Democrat, and live in swing states, including Arizona.

Democrats are running sca…

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