Biden DOD demands Mike Flynn fork over speech fee even though he helped DIA spy on Russians



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Army takes new action despite evidence showing Flynn sought prior DIA approval for December 2015 RT dinner, got briefed in advance and gave U.S. spy agencies a thumb drive of intel he collected on the Russians.

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The Biden Pentagon recently alerted retired Army Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn it plans to recoup from him nearly $40,000 he received for attending a dinner in Moscow in 2015, claiming he didn’t clear the speaking fee in advance and therefore violated the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause. But documents from Russia special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation tell a far different story.

The documents, reviewed by Just the News, show Flynn in fact alerted his former agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency, ahead of the dinner and got approval to use the trip to spy on Russia’s leadership and specifically its GRU military intelligence unit.

The operation was blessed in advance by senior DIA officials, including Vincent Stewart, the Marine general who had succeeded Flynn as DIA chief. The former Trump administration national security adviser was even given tasking orders and a counterintelligence briefing before he departed for Moscow in December 2015.

“The first week of December 2015, General Flynn asked if I was still in the European Center and told me he planned on traveling to Moscow to speak at an RT event and might meet the Director of the GRU,” former senior DIA executive David Becker wrote in a sworn declaration that was submitted during the Mueller probe but has never been made public.

“We discussed potential topics of interest for the US intelligence community,” Becker explained. “I told him I would arrange a briefing for him to include a Counterintelligence briefing before he departed to Moscow. We agreed that I would call him once it was arranged at DIA HQ.

“I next contacted my supervisor the Director of the Europe Eurasia Regional Center John Sadler, to begin the process. Mr. Sadler immediately contacted the Director of DIA LTG Stewart by email requesting permission to develop this briefing for [LTG] Flynn.”

Stewart approved the operation, including telling Flynn what U.S. spy agencies wanted as “current collection requirements for Russia,” as well as a defensive briefing to help prepare Flynn not to get tripped up by the Russians at the dinner, Becker wrote in the affidavit.

The intelligence community was so excited by Flynn’s opportunity that it sent a total of 10 experts to brief him on everything from what the U.S. wanted to know about “the Senior Leadership of Russia” to “important collection points of the GRU,” according to the documents.

They also gave Flynn a “complete briefing on the intelligence potentially directed against him” when he was with the Russians.

Becker disclosed that when Flynn returned from the trip he immediately contacted the DIA.

“DIA sent collectors to his office to pull all the information he was able to collect while on his trip,” the former DIA executive wrote.

The retired general “turned over all contact information he obtained on his trip and provided all the information he was sensitized to look for during the initial meeting, including providing a thumb drive of pictures and other information,” the aff…

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