Southern Baptist Leader Slams Church Trying to Fast Track Open Drag Queen to Ministry Position: ‘Direct Violation of the Clear Teachings of Scripture’

​It’s interesting to see how the secular world and the Christian world have reacted to Isaac Simmons — otherwise known as Ms. Penny Cost.

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May 09, 2021

Simmons is the director of operations for Hope United Methodist Church in Bloomington, Illinois. According to Religion News Service, Simmons, 23, is the first gay man certified to a position in the Illinois Great Rivers Conference. He’s also, “as far as anyone can tell, the first drag queen certified in the United Methodist Church.”

Simmons made news when, on April 11, he spoke on the “Drag Sunday” virtual service as his drag alter-ego, Ms. Penny Cost. Other drag performers were involved in the music and prayers.

Left-leaning Christian publication Sojourners reported on Simmons thusly: “Preach the gospel. When necessary, do it in drag.” As far as WMBD-TV was concerned, this was great. Just look at the station’s headline on April 25: “Central Illinois man on path to Church leadership is breaking barriers within the United Methodist Church.”

“Homosexuality is a controversial topic and is something the United Methodist Church is considering splitting over and creating a new traditional denomination. But Simmons is breaking barriers within the Methodist Church,” it reported

for @Sojourners I talked to Isaac Simmons / Ms. Penny Cost, the 1st out gay man & drag queen running for Methodist ordination, and his push to move the conversation from “whether or not queer folks are condemned”:

“The divine is accessible by all people.”

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This isn’t how Albert Mohler sees it.

Mohler is head of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Time described him as the “reigning intellectual of the evangelical movement in the U.S.” He said Simmons’ quick elevation, both in profile and in position within the church, has serious religious, moral and doctrinal implications, none of them positive.

On an April 28 episode of his podcast “The Briefing,” Mohler said the church’s promotion of Simmons is “an intentional refutation and revolt against the very order of creation that God has given us, and a direct violation of the clear teachings of Scripture concerning the fact that those whom God has made as men should identify as men.”

“The new young candidate for ministry said that he sees his candidacy as ‘a sign of validation.’ Well, make no mistake, that’s exactly what it is,” Mohler said.

“And the local group there of United Methodists, that would be in this district or this conference, is intentionally sending a sign of validation. And that just underlines the fact that by the time any kind of church or church body reaches this point, it has already basically embraced doctrinal annihilation. There is virtually nothing left of the historic Christian tradition.”

Mohler went on to say that “Drag Sunday” and the hoopla surrounding it would “have been unthinkable at virtually any point in the continuum of organized Christianity, going all the way back to the first century until well, only the very most recent times could anything like this even be imaginable within the Christian Church.”

“And for all of those centuries, it wasn’t unimaginable because Christians were simply not up to date. It’s because Christians were operating out of a Christian biblical understanding,” he continued.

“This is open revolt, and of course, you’re going to see a division between those who are appalled by it, deeply troubled by it, deeply concerned by it and opposed to it on the one hand, and those who celebrate it and say that it’s arrived far too late on the other hand.”

Mohler went on to say that with the case of Isaac Simmons and his drag queen preaching, “you’re looking not only at two different positions, as we will understand, you’re looking at two different religions and those two different religions cannot possibly continue to exist in one church or in one denomination.”

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