Why Is MSM Keeping Quiet About the Latest Pfizer Data Dump?



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“O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker.”  Psalms 95:6 (KJV) 

Several months ago, a Trump-appointed judge demanded Pfizer release its data to the public. For months we were told to simply trust in the pharmaceutical company’s claims and accept the bullying of politicians telling us to take it.

The judge’s demand has given us a glimpse at the data Pfizer hasn’t wanted us to see and it’s not looking good. Pfizer is releasing the data in a series of massive data dumps. The latest one was just released a few days ago and tops out at a whopping 80,000 pages.

This should be huge news yet why is the mainstream media refusing to report on, well, any of it? One reason could be the glaring inconsistencies between what we were told on their news networks and what the data actually shows.

Dr. Claire Craig, launched into a Twitter thread exposing the errors in their reporting when it came to follow-up after the second dose of the vaccine. It turns out that the post-treatment surveys may have been completed by only a fraction of the test patients.

Another thing to notice is the odd assortment of test patients they used for their study. 83% were White while Black or African Americans only made up 9%. If certain reports. and claims are to be believed, something like this could indicate their desire to suppress the potential effects their vaccine would have on minority populations.

The appearance of something like this would not play well on the airwaves of mainstream media. Especially given their desire to appear “woke”.

There is a huge issue with the timeline Pfizer is claiming to have used in their report. The dates just don’t add up. Unless they have found a way to access a Marvel-like multiverse where time and space fold on themselves, things look very suspicious.

Most major news outlets pride themselves on the objective accuracy of their reporting. This latest data dump is proving that is a fal…

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