HUGE NEWS FROM ARIZONA! — BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: The Entire Election Process Was Controlled By Dominion — The Maricopa County Election Team Did Not Have ‘Admin’ Access To The 2020 Election

According to a new report, Maricopa County Election team claims they do not have “Admin” access to their voting machines.

May 07, 2021

This clearly proves that the County did not own the election process, but they ceded it to their external vendor.

As reported by The Gateway Pundit, a system administrator has the following duties:

System administrators are critical to the reliable and successful operation of an organization and its network operations center and data center.

A sysadmin must have expertise with the system’s underlying platform (i.e., Windows, Linux) as well as be familiar with multiple areas including networking, backup, data restoration, IT security, database operations, middleware basics, load balancing, and more.

Sysadmin tasks are not limited to server management, maintenance, and repair, but also any functions that support a smoothly running production environment with minimal (or no) complaints from customers and end users.

System administrators are people who have access to the systems at their highest levels. These individuals can perform all sorts of duties. They can perform almost all the functions and changes in a system. They have absolute and total control and can even delete or alter system logs.

The reality that the County does not have system administrators who have administrative access to the Dominion voting machines is a big concern.

And by letting Dominion have the administration control only, the County has essentially turned over the system to the corrupt Dominion voting machine system people. There is no IT control here because that’s been ceded to Dominion.

Keep in mind that in general most frauds that include IT-related processes have at least one IT person involved in the fraud.

This proves that the election was not run by the County! They had NO CONTROL! It was in essence subcontracted to Dominion which is likely not provided for in the law.

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