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Thanks to Sister Patty for turning me on to JGM International, Julie Green is an amazing anointed woman.

“O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker.”  Psalms 95:6 (KJV) 

From JGM International December 5, 2021

A landslide of truth is picking up speed and coming down the mountain with vengeance to destroy anything in its path. Lies, destruction, imprisonment, slavery, sickness, disease, pain, affliction, financial deficits, debt or anything else that has been used by the enemies to destroy My people will be restored fully and completely by Me, saith the Lord. This last week you have seen the intensity build, and more exposures have come to pass. The mandates are starting to be annihilated as if they never existed. Behind the scenes, your enemies are all scattering, screaming, running and trying to hide from this landslide affecting them and their houses.

My children, this is just the beginning. The strength of this landslide is gaining by the hour and is visiting the enemies of Almighty God. More are stepping down, and more are being removed. The Supreme Court will change. Mandates will change. Presidents will change. Governments will change. The Capital will change. The economy will change. Churches will change. You are in the time of the climax that has been building. The intensity of the volcano is erupting. Hurricanes are blowing. It is a perfect storm coming together to remove all in power and every evil entity with them. Yes, total destruction you are getting ready to see, My children.

These are the signs I told you about which are coming to pass. More prophecies are being fulfilled by the day. All hope is lost in this world for the enemies of My children. Riots are about to break out after the overturning of Roe V Wade. Yes, the enemy will try and fill the streets once again with chaos, but I, the Lord, will deal with the ones in the streets and the ones that drove them there to do this. Yes, many payments were dispersed to cause great chaos. Watch during this time for people with big names to fall in the Fall. Fall is not over yet, My children, and this Great Fall is about to take place before the end of this season.

Massive exposure is about to be told, telling what is going on in the supposed White House. I am shining My spotlight on who they are, how fake they have been, who was used to holding them there, and who tried to keep the show going. Biden is about to have a great fall, a big-time reveal of who he is and how he is where he is. Exposures like never before! I told you to watch the laptops. More are coming to the surface and will have explosive information which will remove each and every person that is a part of this coup against your president and this nation.

FLOW, FLOW, I say to the flood that is about to plague your enemies. All at once, I will hit the enemies in the Spiritual Realm with destruction having the force of floods, hurricanes, volcanoes, landslides, avalanches and tornadoes. This perfect storm is setting up to hit them now. My children, watch as I bring you relief, bring freedom to your nations and give back to you your nations.

Nancy Pelosi, your days are numbered. You are being destroyed from the inside out, and your time is about to expire but not before all that you have hidden and all you have done is exposed. Your gavel will be ripped from your hand. The House will be destroyed before your very eyes so that you see all that you worked so hard at for so long has all been taken away by Me, saith the Lord. I am draining your financial accounts of all the blood money, from your stealing of finances through your Bills and your evil schemes which you passed in the People’s House to pad your own pockets and to destroy this nation. Your ties to China will be exposed: how they paid you to work for them to destroy this nation for their own gain, how they promised you they would hide you for what you had done so you would be set for life. Nancy, I am ripping your protection apart and the gates you had put up to keep you from destruction. I have brought them down. Now I will bring you down, saith the Lord of Hosts. Nancy, these are the days and hours of your destruction, and no amount of drinking will lessen the embarrassment and the pain you will feel when all is taken from you.

To all who work now in this supposed government, your days are numbered, and that time is about to expire. Tick tock. The clock is about to run out on you. During these next few weeks, watch how so much will change and how more removals will take place. Turnarounds are happening, but it will get better and better by the day. This is what you all have been waiting for. The door is open, and everything is about to come to pass at one time: exposures, removals, bankruptcies, the changing of the Guard, the changing of your nation and the financial system. The Perfect Storm is here, and it is now for the enemies of Almighty God.

My children, get ready for the spoils of this war. They are great. It is all yours so get ready for the financial flood about to hit your bank accounts, especially to tithers. Watch as you will have more than you will know what to do with. To tithers and givers of Almighty God, this blessing will overtake you, saith the Lord. The windows of heaven are opening, and now overflow will be the new normal. Yes, My church will be in charge of the world wealth to bring in the greatest harvest of souls, to bring relief to the masses, to bless without limits because there are no limits with Me, saith the Lord. All is mine, and I am tur…

God Bless America & God Bless You


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