Freshmen Socialist Candidate Says $15 an hour is too LOW, $30 is the new ‘floor’



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Rebecca Parson

“O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker.”  Psalms 95:6 (KJV) 

We have an up-and-coming baby AOC on our hands with Washington’s 6th district Congressional candidate Rebecca Parson. She wants all the free things and says that a Mcdonald’s worker should make $30 an hour—Doubling the original argument that $15 should become the new minimum wage.

“$15 minimum wage is an antiquated demand. It should be $30 per hour,” Parson tweeted.

Parson added that “$30 is the floor,” and called on people to reflect on why they “punch down on poor people” while praying to “Saint Elon.”

“1 adult supporting 1 kid needs $30 an hour across the country. Rural, urban, suburban: $30 is the floor. As you say your nightly prayers to Saint Elon while you fall asleep tonight, reflect on why you punch down on poor people instead of up at your heavenly billionaire,” she added.

“Nobody should be poor in the richest country on Earth,” she added.

Hey, I get it. Life is cripplingly and expensive, right now but why not fix the inflation issue? Small businesses would not be able to pay workers $30 and hour and where would that leave us? Stuck with big box stores that would own the whole monopoly board on prices.

Parson told Fox News that she’s calling for a $30 federal minimum wage because a $15 minimum wage “is no longer commensurate with real-world conditions.”

“I’m calling for a federal minimum wage of $30, because that’s the floor across the country for one working adult to be able to support one child. From rural to urban to suburban areas in the Northeast, South, Midwest, Southwest, West Coast, Alaska, and Hawaii, the federal minimum wage isn’t enough to support a family, and neither is $15 an hour. The Fight for $15 campaign started 10 years ago and the demand is no longer commensurate with real-world con…

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