BREAKING: Susan Rice Steps Down From The Biden Administration, Leaves Chaos In Her Wake

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On Monday, the White House announced that Susan Rice is stepping down from her role as President Biden’s domestic policy advisor.

Biden said in a statement announcing her departure. In a statement, Biden said when he chose Susan Rice to be his advisor, it came as a surprise to people,

“I surprised a lot of people when I named Ambassador Susan Rice as my Domestic Policy Advisor. Susan was synonymous with foreign policy, having previously served as National Security Advisor and UN Ambassador. But what I knew then and what we all know now – after more than two years of her steady leadership of the Domestic Policy Council – it’s clear: there is no one more capable and more determined to get important things done for the American people than Susan Rice.”

Biden continued, discussing how he believed Democrat policies helped the American people. Most Americans are highly concerned about the disastrous way immigration is being handled, with the Biden administration refusing to enforce the law.

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