Red Cross Admits They Won’t Use Vaxxed Blood For Convalescent Plasma COVID Treatments



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Red Cross told Valiant News they do not use blood from vaccinated people to make convalescent plasma

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Today the Red Cross told Valiant News that it will not use the blood of vaccinated individuals for convalescent plasma COVID-19 treatments for use in immunocompromised patients, in contradiction to current FDA guidance, in a new statement that also contradicts their own social media posts.

Following a social media kerfuffle that saw the Red Cross responding to a verified Twitter user yesterday, claiming that blood donated by vaccinated people is in fact tested for COVID-19 antibodies for potential use in creating convalescent plasma, or CCP, which is used to treat immunocompromised COVID-19 patients.

Though the Red Cross claimed that it “may” be used, Valiant News contacted the group to determine whether it actually is being used.

In a statement given to Valiant News from Red Cross Senior Media Relations Manager Emily Osment, we discovered that the organization, in fact, does not.

Specifically, Valiant News asked Red Cross they have ever created CCP using the donated blood from a vaccinated person, if there had ever been a vaccinated person whose donation contained the antibodies required to create CCP, and if most vaccinated people benefited from the vaccine to the extent that they do not qualify.

According to Osment, Red Cross is “currently only producing convalescent plasma from donations from individuals who are unvaccinated and have confirmed a previous symptomatic COVID-19 infection.”

Differing from the explanation provided on social media, which appeared to cryptically cite Red Cross’ own bureaucratic complications, the organization’s Senior Social Media Relations Manager explained to Valiant News that the reason they won’t use vaccinated blood for CCP is because the COVID-19 vaccine does not cover all the regions of the virus, nor do the vaccinations produce antibodies against other viral proteins.

In contrast, Osment explained that a natural COVID-19 infection will generate antibodies against the coronavirus spike protein and other viral proteins, while the vaccines only produce antibodies against the spike protein.

“This is because when an individual has been infected with a virus, they produce antibodies to multiple regions of a virus,” Osment said. “If a donor has had the COVID-19 vaccine, they will generate an antibody against the spike protein but not other viral proteins, which will only occur in the event of a COVID-19 infection.”

Did Red Cross Contradict Its Tweets?

The answer and explanation given to Valiant News seem to differ wildly from what the Red Cross told a verified Twitter user earlier this week.

Book author Jennifer Sey tweeted earlier this week about her husband’s experience as a blood donor, claiming the organization that took his blood would only test unvaccinated people for what presumably would be COVID-19 antibodies.

“My husband gave blood today. They only test the unvaxxed for antibodies & if they have them, they use their blood as treatment for those at risk of adverse outcomes,” she tweeted, further que…

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