New figures show Biden administration thumbing nose at courts over Remain in Mexico policy



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With justices set to hear arguments next week, feds only put a minuscule 0.1% of illegal aliens into required border program last month.

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The Biden administration has been repeatedly ordered by courts to continue enforcing the Trump-era Remain in Mexico policy for illegal migrants, but its own records show it has willfully thumbed its nose at those rulings as it waits for a final crack at the Supreme Court.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency data reviewed by Just the News shows just 199 of the 221,303 illegal aliens stopped by federal agents in March were placed into the Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP), the formal name of the Remain in Mexico policy.

The CBP press office in Washington did not respond to multiple phone calls and emails seeking comment Wednesday. But a senior U.S. Homeland Security official confirmed the 199 figure was accurate for March.

That amounts to a miniscule 0.09% of participation in MPP, an enforcement percentage border experts say makes a mockery of the courts’ orders.

“They only enrolled a couple hundred in the Remain in Mexico while they apprehended 221,000,” former CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan told Just the News on Monday. He added that the Biden administration, even when it enforces the regulation, is not applying it to the loophole it was designed to close: migrant groups posing as fake family units.

“They’re not even applying the Remain in Mexico program to the demographics it was designed to address,” he said. “It’s all a joke.”

Both federal district and appeals judges have ordered the administration to keep enforcing the policy as a larger legal challenge is considered by the U.S. Supreme Court. Even the nation’s nine justices refused to impose an injunction blocking the policy while they considered the case.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, whose initial lawsuit led to the rulings, said the Biden administration’s March performance is proof it is ignoring the courts’ authority.

“They are not willing to comply with the law,” Paxton said. “… The reality is we’ve had wins on Remain in Mexico on preliminary inj…

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