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There is an army marching… It’s not the army of the ISIS, or the AntiChrist, it’s not the army of the satanists or the Illuminati, it’s not the army of the liberals or the atheists… It’s the army of the Most High God, the One Who created the heavens and the earth.

“O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker.”  Psalms 95:6 (KJV) 

His army is marching all over the world, millions upon millions of angels waging war for the salvation of mankind and the establishing of the reign of Jesus Christ in the earth.

It’s the army of hundreds of millions of children of God, who love Him more than their own life and who spread His life and His love wherever they go.

There is an army marching all over the world. It’s not on the secular news or in the famous newspapers, it’s not on the popular radio or on TV, it’s not on the lying billboards or in the glossy magazines. It’s an army most people don’t see. But it’s the greatest and most powerful army in the world. It’s the army of God, the army of people and angels who walk in the truth and the goodness of God, who love each other and will not to betray one another. Who will lay down what they must lay down, in order to see the glory of God revealed.

They break through the lies of satan and his schemes, they break through the temptations of sin and they overcome the pitfalls, they help each other to keep going when they fall, they don’t accuse one another but bless each other. They help the weak and strengthen the broken. They release the healing power of Jesus Christ, even if they are weak themselves.

They have their eyes fixed on Jesus Christ, who is seated at the right hand of the eternal God, who is the Father of all.

Their hearts are burning with a fire that is not their own. Their minds are filled with thoughts of love, grace, truth and goodness. They have their goals set before them: knowing God, as He truly is, loving people the way God loves them, unmasking darkness and releasing light.

This army is the greatest army of all time. And it cannot be stopped. Though some fall and are slain, the army keeps moving forward. Though some are lured away, through the lies of the enemy, the army keeps marching forward. Though some infiltrate to cause division, hurt and gossip, the army is not stopped.

It’s the power of God, the God who gave His very own life, to save mankind.

This army is slowly conquering the entire planet. Heart by heart, act of love by act of love, grace upon grace, truth upon truth, healing upon healing and salvation upon salvation.

The strongholds of the demonic are broken down and the light of Jesus Christ is raised up as a banner for all the world to see.

The Lord Most High, the One who reigns supreme forever, the One Who became a human being like you and me, and the One Who died and rose again, is the Captain of this incredible army of love, hope, life and freedom.

This is the army that is marching all over the earth. You don’t see the angels and you don’t recognize the human warriors. Because it’s not a war on the big screens of the media, not driven by hidden political agendas, it’s not twisted in the news and not manipulated by the powerful. The soldiers obey one Lord and one King, who is leading all of them, all over the earth, through His Spirit.

It’s an army of normal people, like you and me, who have discovered the greatest force there is: the love of God, the love that dies for the other, the love that helps and blesses, the love that creates and restores, the love that gives hope to the lost world and shows us a future full of the glory of Jesus Christ.

This is the army of God. And the army is inviting you to become part of it. Not only on the huge platforms or the big websites, but on the streets, in your work place, in your own home, behind closed doors, with your friends and family, in your business and your school.

This army is everywhere, it penetrates every little place.

Come and join the army of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World.

He did not come to bring a new religion, He came to set mankind free from the oppression and the control of religion and every demonic strategy to bind God’s people.

Come and join the army of the God who created us to live in freedom, not in manmade control and systems. Join the army of the God who gave all He is and all He had, to set you free, and embrace you in His arms of love forever.

Join the army and become one who brings the greatest force there is, everywhere you go. The force of true love, true friendship, true humility, true mercy…

Join the army. Give your life to Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

He gave His life for you. He died at the cross, to pay for all your sins. He did not demand you to become very religious or strange. He called you to come and see His wounds, see His bleeding hands and feet, His bleeding head and body…

He is calling you to look into His eyes and be overwhelmed with His love.

He is the One who died for you. Not Muhammed. Not Budha. Not Ghandi. Not any other man or woman in history. Jesus Christ died for you and He rose from the grave.

He is the Savior of mankind.

Look at Him. See His hands, bleeding for you, to cleanse you from all your sins, to rem…

God Bless America & God Bless You


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