Biden’s New Gun Regulations Are Already Obsolete



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Biden wants to end homemade guns, but technology makes that practically impossible.

“O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker.”  Psalms 95:6 (KJV) 

Part of Joe Biden’s anti-gun day on Monday, March 11, was denigrating homemade firearms and the companies that help people make them. His new regulations against these weapons went live – but they’ve already been defeated. Like other regulations, this one created a winner and losers in the marketplace, not safety. While this implementation will increase costs to consumers, it won’t remove gun kits from the marketplace.

Homemade Beer And AR-15’S

Alcohol sales are highly regulated, yet people can and do brew at home without much government interference. The same used to be true for firearms. People who wanted to go through the trouble to make a homemade gun were welcome to. So long as they never sold or transferred it, they could generally avoid government interference. That was when a homemade firearm was just that – before anti-gun campaigns branded them “ghost guns.”

Only one part – generally called the “frame,” the “lower,” or the “receiver,” — is legally considered a firearm. And under federal law and ATF regulations, it’s a firearm only once it’s past a certain point in the manufacturing process. This gave rise to a market for 80% lowers. Because they were only 80% complete, the unfinished parts weren’t considered firearms, so they didn’t require background checks in most states. Companies sold these unfinished frames, often along with jigs and drill bits used by customers to finish them at home. Biden’s new ATF regulation implemented Monday aims to put a stop to this.

0% Lowers

The regulations didn’t make these kits illegal; it did subject to the same regulations and background checks as fully finished firearms. Including the government as a party to the transaction is something buyers of the 80% kits prefer to avoid, and so while they’re still legal, they’re now impractical. Enter Cody Wilson and the 0% lower. Mr. Wilson’s workaround for customers who want to make a gun at home is to sell them a whole block of aluminum. Also included is a computerized mill that cuts the metal into a finished firearm receiver. And with that, the new gun regulations became a boon for Mr. Wilson’s business and a waste of time for the government. It’s unlikely Biden would be so bold as to try and outlaw sales of aluminum.

According to Wilson, the “zero percent receiver will become the only legal and affordable method of making an unregistered metal lower.” While orders will surely accelerate rap…

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