President Donald Trump’s share of the Latino vote surged to nearly 33% in 2020 election

a sharp increase from 2016 when he won just 18%, study finds

April 5, 2021

President Donald Trump benefited from a surge in Latino support during the November election, prompting fears among Democrats that Republicans are making inroads to this once-reliable voting bloc.

A new analysis released on Friday indicates that Latino voters flipped to Trump in a variety of geographic areas and not just in conservative-leaning districts.

Though Trump lost the election to President Joe Biden, he saw a sharp spike in support from Latino voters in places once thought to be solidly Democratic, including Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Clark County, Nevada; Paterson, New Jersey; and Maricopa County, Arizona.

The President, who governed according to a nationalist platform that was hostile to illegal immigration, also saw a surge in Latino support in places like Miami and the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.

The figures were released in a report issued by Equis Labs, a Democratic Party-aligned research firm. The firm’s findings were published first by The New York Times.

‘In 2020, a segment of Latino voters demonstrated that they are more “swing” than commonly assumed,’ the report stated.



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