The Single Greatest Threat to America By Hurricane

Everything out of BYEdans mouth is a LIE

Thank You, Hurricane. OUTSTANDING!

April 3, 2021


“Long term we think the low inflation dynamics that we have seen for the past 25 years are still intact”

– Jerome Powell (Federal Reserve)

The reason we have had low inflation for the past 25 years is because we have been running huge trade deficits with China. We offshore the U.S. dollar, they hoard them, and in return we get cheap products. Also, inflation has stayed low because most of it has gone to the stock market, cryptocurrency, and the bond market. Not to mention the fact, the government has been lying for years about the real CPI (consumer price index). Asking the government to be honest about the CPI is like asking the mob to be honest about the crime rate.

The Federal Reserve is printing money at a rate never seen before in American history. This is unsustainable. Eventually inflation will hit. The Fed will have a choice, either raise interest rates or watch the CPI go through the roof. They will choose the latter. Why? Because if they raise rates the U.S. government will go broke servicing the debt. Instead, they will watch the U.S. consumer go broke as the value of the dollar declines. We’re already seeing the cost of goods rising but the Fed will never admit it. In the end, this is the greatest transfer of wealth in human history. The rich will be fine, as increased prices won’t affect them to the degree it will the average American. They will be the ones who get crushed.

America is $30T in debt and has $210T in unfunded liabilities. The Feds answer for this is to print more money, which is especially bad during a Plandemic because millions of Americans still aren’t back to work producing goods. They’ve been at home collecting a government check and buying cheap Chinese products on Amazon. They’ve also been hoarding the money they’re receiving, as household savings have never been this high. That is because many people aren’t paying rent or their mortgage thanks to government allowing them to screw landlords. It’s also because many businesses remain closed so people have less places to spend their money.

Once the economy re-opens fully, these people will be itching to spend their new-found wealth. The problem is that they’ll be less products in the market but more U.S. dollars available, which is a recipe for massive inflation. The Feds will claim there’s no inflation as the CPI goes through the roof. The U.S. dollar will lose value and eventually its place as the world’s reserve currency. This will result in other nations being able to compete with American consumer for goods and services, thus decreases the quality of life the American consumer has enjoyed for the last several decades.

The single greatest threat to America isn’t China, Russia, or Iran, it’s the United States Government and the Federal Reserve. The rich understand this which is why many of them have invested heavily in cryptocurrency. They understand how this story ends. Inflation soars, the dollar crashes, they jet off to their private island, and the American consumer gets crushed!

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