Biden Official Confirms Administration Wants Taxpayer Dollars For Child Sex Changes

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ecretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra said that the Biden administration wanted to use a taxpayer-funded insurance program for children to fund sex changes.

“Is the president serious — he wants to take our Childhood Health Insurance Program and pay for this?” Republican Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland asked Becerra during a Tuesday hearing held by the House Appropriations Committee about the Biden administration’s budget request for fiscal year 2024, referring to “gender-affirming” treatment of children that has been restricted by several states, including Tennessee.

The Childhood Health Insurance Program (CHIP) provides low-cost health-care coverage for children in families that are not eligible for Medicaid, but who are unable to afford private health insurance, according to

“I want to be careful how I answer this, because I answer this as secretary, but I also answer this as a father,” Becerra responded.

“This is a very simple question,” Harris said. “Does the President want to use CHIPs money to pay for gender mutilation surgery?”


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