‘Trump Won’ songwriter sounds alarm to Americans

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hristian singer-songwriter Natasha Owens exploded the expected routine on a lot of song charts recently with her “Trump Won and You Know It” anthem, which has been collecting millions of hits.

And the reason it’s so popular is because it reveals that Americans are losing their freedom, she explains.

Her song has made her popular on some charts than superstar Taylor Swift.

The Examiner noted that other songs about Donald Trump winning in 2020 “have been banned from platforms like YouTube and TikTok, labeled misinformation. Owens’s song is on YouTube, where it’s accrued more than 820,000 views in three weeks.”

The video features real news clips highlighting anomalies during the election, including accusations of ballot harvesting, problems with voting machines, and dead people voting.

What is known as fact about the election is that Mark Zuckerberg handed out more than $400 million like candy to local elections officials, who mostly used it to recruit voters from Democrat districts.


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