President Trump: Biden Border Policy ‘Outrageous’

Joe Biden finally met the media, but his debut press conference raised eyebrows and prompted a response from his predecessor.

March 27, 2021

President Trump pushed back against claims made during Biden’s first press briefing.

In an interview Thursday, the 45th president refuted accusations he left children “starving” on the Mexican side of the border. He also said “it’s just the opposite” and argued he made sure unaccompanied minors were taken care of.

President Trump then touted his ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy, which prevented major back-ups, and said very few people tried to cross because they knew they weren’t going to get through. He asserted that what Democrats are doing now is “outrageous” and urged Biden to finish the wall.

The 45th president said Biden won’t allow the media to see first-hand the crisis at the border. He also criticized reporters at Biden’s press conference for seemingly taking it easy on him. President Trump said it seemed like Biden’s staff was ready to rip the microphone away if anyone tried to ask a difficult question.

Meanwhile, photos taken during Joe Biden’s first formal press conference revealed a pile of papers, including photos and names of reporters. Following his short comments to reporters Thursday, Biden took questions from the small group in the room referring to note cards with prepared statistics and talking points.

Biden also appeared to have been given a list of reporters and their photos in order to know who to address with numbers circled next to several journalists’ names. Despite having 65 days to prepare and the so-called cheat sheet from his staff, Biden still fumbled through the briefing.




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