Your cup is full!

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n typical kid fashion, our son was quick to want to start trying to be independent. He wanted to lead the way when we were going somewhere he was familiar with. He would try to open doors for us. He started picking where he wanted us to take him to eat or places where he wanted to look at toys or games.

We wanted him to learn other things in his journey to independence. One of those things was filling his own cup full of water. He would look at us and tell us he needed water. One day, I remember looking at him and telling him he needed to get it himself. He was so confused and upset!

He got up from the table and walked over to the refrigerator. As he started filling his cup with water, he kept going and going. Soon, the cup was overflowing with water. He realized he had some water in his cup, but he didn’t realize how much was in there. He quickly realized as the cup ran over.

There are many times that we are quick to complain about things in life. We often grumble and are upset, essentially demanding that God bless us in the ways we feel we deserve to be blessed. But just like my son, we often don’t realize what is in our cup.

If we reflect on our lives, I think we can all agree that our cup is full of the blessings of God. If we are honest, we can probably all say, just like David, that our cups are running over! Rather than demanding of God and grumbling about things, maybe we should take a moment to look at our cup. If you are like me, your cup is full and running over. I’m so thankful for a Shepherd who blesses me, even when I don’t realize how blessed I am already.


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