What Trump Derangement Syndrome Has Wrought

At less than 100 days in, Trump-haters have imposed growing disasters on the country.

March 25, 2021

Trump-hating voters cared about one thing and it wasn’t the success of Operation Warp Speed, a strong economy, or peace in the Mideast. Bad Orange Man must go, the country, our kids’ and grandkids’ futures be damned. And we reap what we sow.

The 46th President of the United States Joseph Robinette Biden began by signing an unprecedented number of executive orders designed to bypass the legislative process (including job killers and open borders). He signed the hyper-partisan “Covid relief package” proving that he has no interest in unifying the country. He actually boxed out Republican voices in the negotiation process resulting in a true moderate, Susan Collins, wondering why Biden “would want to alienate” Republicans willing to work with him. In between we’ve barely seen the president while he hides behind Harris and Dr. Jill.

Trump-haters ignored Biden’s senility and Harris’s record as the most progressive member of the Senate (who was so disliked by Democrat voters that she didn’t even make it to the Iowa caucuses). Now we learn the White House has directed agencies to refer to the “Biden-Harris administration” in official documents. Harris has been making calls to world leaders on behalf of the administration and participating in all meetings. The stage is being set for Biden to predictably step down and rest (the White House called a lid on Biden’s day at 1:13pm on Monday).

Under the auspices of never letting a crisis go to waste, the Democrats’ $1.9 trillion dollar “Covid” boondoggle (on top of the $4 trillion previously thrown at the pandemic) benefits special-interest groups, applies just 9% of the funds towards fighting Covid, puts the country further in debt, funds teachers’ unions that still refuse to get back to work, and wastes vast sums that will have to be paid back through massive tax-hikes on constituents Biden promised would never see tax hikes (reminiscent of Obama’s infamous lie that if you liked your doctor and health insurance, you could keep them).

If the Biden administration truly cared about getting people back to work, the last thing it would have done was shut down the Keystone Pipeline, with John Kerry condescendingly telling the 10,000 workers who lost their jobs that they could produce solar panels (that are actually mostly produced in China), attempt to force a $15 minimum wage on the entire country, and kill the welfare-to-work requirement passed under Clinton, a genuine moderate president.

And the Democrats’ spending spree has just begun. Next up is a massive $3 trillion infrastructure bill intended to reduce carbon emissions and narrow “economic inequality” (notwithstanding that the Trump economy drove minority unemployment to its lowest and minority wages to their highest). The Green New Deal is estimated to cost between $50-90 trillion.

Biden has stated his support of studying slavery reparations that would cost $1.4 trillion reiterating he’s committed to addressing “systemic racism that persists today” — one of the biggest lies the left perpetuates in order to maintain power and bleed the last drop of capital from “the wealthy.”  Democrats are also beginning hearings on 18 bills that will eventually lead to single-payer healthcare.

Democrats must know that taxing the “rich” will never produce enough money to pay for their progressive plans; they’ll do so anyway. They realize corporations will move offshore while the wealthy find tax havens, unemployment will rise, and welfare dependency will grow. That’s the plan – use Covid, TDS, race-baiting, cancel culture, and global warming as smokescreens for grabbing power.

Ironically, the one place at which the Democrats refuse to see a crisis is our Southern border.  It’s not even caravan season and yet migrants share that they’re flocking in precisely because Biden told them to come. Liberal Chuck Todd is questioning whether Biden has put a gag order on media reporting from the border, while Democrats perpetuate the myth that the reversal of Trump’s effective policies was humane. And as they spend $86 million on hotel rooms to house illegals, Democrats see future voters and couldn’t care a less about the terrorists, drug runners, cartel members, gang bangers, human traffickers, and convicted sexual predators infiltrating our country, nor that open borders and free stuff for all are unsustainable.

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