‘Absolute Socialism’ Just Around the Corner With Infrastructure Package: Rep. Norman

“Absolute socialism” is just around the corner in the United States if the proposed infrastructure bill passed Congress, according to Rep. Ralph Norman (R-S.C.).

March 25, 2021

The Democrat-led Senate is working on a major infrastructure bill that Democratic lawmakers hope will be signed by President Joe Biden by the end of September. Biden first floated the $2 trillion infrastructure bill while campaigning.

“Socialism probably is right around the corner—absolute socialism,” the Republican lawmaker and real estate developer told NTD News, expressing concern over the nation’s debt as the White House mulls how to pay for the wide-ranging bill.

The starting point for infrastructure costs stands at $320 billion from a transportation bill previously passed in the House. However, the White House has so far declined to specify an overall price tag since proposing its $2 trillion plan amid concerns of how to pay for it. Press Secretary Jen Psaki said on Monday that Biden will be discussing the proposal with his policy team “in days ahead.”

Democrats have said the package would include roughly $1 trillion for roads, bridges, rail lines, electrical vehicle charging stations, and the cellular network, among other items. The goal would be to facilitate the shift to supported “green” energy while improving economic competitiveness.

A second component would propose benefits for workers, including free community college, universal pre-kindergarten, and paid family leave.

Democrats have proposed a wealth tax as a potential funding mechanism for the bill.

“The problem we’ve got is so many… from Biden on down to who he has put in control, are career bureaucrats. They’ve … never had a job, they’ve never worked in a factory, they’ve never had to produce income,” Norman said.

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