NY Governor Demands Court Authorization to Detain Citizens in ‘Quarantine Camps’

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new York’s Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul is demanding that the courts grant her authorization to detain citizens in “quarantine camps” against their will.

Hochul has gone back to court seeking permission to detain New Yorkers in quarantine camps.

The move would see citizens placed in the camps without notice, detained without rights, and held for as long as state health officials decide.

The plan also has no age limits, meaning children could be taken from their families.

The fight arose during the pandemic when New York officials decided they would adopt a new rule giving the state exactly that power.

The detention camps are part of Gov. Hochul’s “Isolation and Quarantine Procedures” scheme.

A lawsuit, filed in April 2022, ensued, and the result was that the detention plan was ruled unconstitutional.

Judge Ronald Ploetz responded to the lawsuit weeks later and ruled that the strategy didn’t meet the requirements of the U.S. Constitution.

According to a report from lawyer Bobbie Anne Flower Cox at the Brownstone Institute, Hochul, through Attorney General Letitia James, is now appealing the court’s rejection of her plan.

“The case, Borrello v. Hochul, which we won last July, was brought against the governor and her Department of Health, on behalf of a group of NYS Legislators, Senator George Borrello, Assemblyman Chris Tague, Assemblyman (now Congressman) Mike Lawler, together with our citizens’ group, Uniting NYS,” Cox said in a statement.


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