CNN admits one governor got it right on lockdown

Lifting of restrictions by Ron DeSantis ‘appears to be paying off’

March 18, 2021

After warning over the past year that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ coronavirus policies would result in disaster in a state with a massive senior population, CNN sent a reporter to the Sunshine State for a damage report.

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny hedged his assessment, but he had to admit that things have turned out well.

“The governor’s gamble to take a laissez-faire approach to coronavirus appears to be paying off,” said Zeleny. “At least politically. At least for now.”

He acknowledged that DeSantis’ governing was “getting a second look” and his “standing is stronger than other governors across the country.”

The New York Times and Axios also noticed the governor’s success, noted Washington Examiner commentary writer Eddie Scarry.

The New York Times on Saturday said, “For better or worse, Florida’s experiment in returning to life-as-it-used-to-be offers a glimpse of what many states are likely to face in the weeks ahead, as they move into the next phase of the pandemic — the part where it starts to be over.”

Axios said Monday that “after a solid year of living with a pandemic, the national press are beginning to ask the question that even Democrats have been quietly pondering in the Sunshine State: Was Gov. Ron DeSantis’ pandemic response right for Florida?”

Scarry pointed out that the official rate of death due to the coronavirus is much lower in Florida than in Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s New York, and the state’s economy is faring significantly better than locked-down California’s.

He insisted DeSantis did not take a “laissez-faire approach” to the pandemic.

The DeSantis administration, he argued, used “the science” to focus on protection for the elderly while encouraging everyone else to carefully monitor their risk levels.





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