Calling out the lies and errors in Biden’s COVID speech

Joseph Farah inserts some reality into BYEdans primetime pandemic address

March 12, 2021

Good evening my fellow Americans. Tonight, I’d like to talk to you about where we are as we mark one year since everything stopped because of this pandemic.”

Stop the tape! Everything did not stop because of this pandemic.

“A year ago, we were hit with a virus that was met with silence and spread unchecked, denials for days, weeks, then months.”

Stop the tape! It was not met with silence nor spread unchecked (except in New York) nor denials for days, weeks, then months. What you left out was where it originated. Not with Donald Trump, but with China.

“That led to more deaths, more infections, more stress, and more loneliness. Photos and videos from 2019 feel like they were taken in another era. The last vacation, the last birthday with friends, the last holiday with extended family.”

Stop the tape! Yes, it’s terrible what China did to us. Why aren’t you doing anything about it, as Donald Trump was doing?

“While it was different for everyone, we all lost something – a collective suffering, a collective sacrifice, a year filled with the loss of life and the loss of living for all of us. But in the loss, we saw how much there was to gain in appreciation, respect, and gratitude. Finding light in the darkness is a very American thing to do.”

Stop the tape! I know what you lost: Your mind! You have done everything humanly possible to make it worse, including stealing the election.





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