Poll: Majority Says Cancel Culture Threatens Freedom

Defined as a “cultural boycott,” cancel culture is becoming a growing concern amongst both political parties.

March 02, 2021

According to a Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll released on Monday, 64 percent of Americans believe it’s a threat to freedom in the United States. While the majority of those in agreement were conservative, the poll showed that now nearly half of Democrats agree cancel culture is a threat to freedom.

The poll was conducted just before this year’s CPAC, which was fittingly titled “America Uncancelled.” There, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) gave a speech on the impact cancel culture could have on America’s future.

“They canceled the host of The Bachelor, they canceled the star of The Mandalorian, they’re coming after Fox News, Newsmax, One America News,” Jordan stated. “You see, last week they tried to cancel Kermit the Frog and Mr. Potato Head, you see that? They backed off Mr. Potato Head, I think he told them his preferred pronouns were he, his, him, right? I mean, this is scary where the left wants to go.”

Jordan went on to provide examples of this in the sports world, specifically Oklahoma State’s head football coach, who nearly lost his job for wearing a One America News T-shirt.

“Mike Gundy did you follow this one, Mike Gundy football coach at Oklahoma State. Remember this, Mike Gundy goes fishing with his family, posts a picture on social media wearing a One America News T-shirt, almost lost his job,” Jordan explained. “Think about that, almost lost his job for fishing in the wrong shirt.”

The Ohio congressman ended his speech by encouraging young conservatives at CPAC to fight back every chance they get.

“Do you have a functioning First Amendment when only one side is allowed to talk? Do you have free speech when the left controls what can be said? They want to be able to say whatever they want about us, but we’re not allowed to talk,” Jordan said. “They want to be able to lie about us, we’re not allowed to tell the truth about them.”

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