Rep. Taylor Greene Urges Lawmakers To Oppose ‘Unconstitutional’ Equality Act

Conservatives have continued to challenge the Biden administration’s attempts to pass the Equality Act. They believe it would “promote the most comprehensive assault on Christianity ever written into law.”

February 25, 2021

On Wednesday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) took to Twitter to reiterate her opposition to the Democrat-backed bill and called on proponents to reconsider their stance.

If the House passes the legislation this week, the legal definition of sex would be altered to include sexual orientation and gender identity. It would also expand the government’s regulatory reach on transgender protections by requiring health care facilities to provide hormone therapies and surgical procedures related to sex changes without regard for the beliefs of health care workers.

Republicans like Taylor Greene have stressed that this could cost everyday Americans their freedom, specifically religious freedom, not to mention hamper women’s rights.

“The Equality Act completely destroys women’s rights, girl’s rights, women’s sports and religious freedoms,” stated the Georgia lawmaker. “I hope that every colleague of mine will put aside their political differences and realize putting on the Equality Act is the wrong thing to do.”

During a recent interview, Catholic League President Bill Donohue pointed out how two transgender females in Connecticut easily placed first and second in a girl’s track and field state competition.

Donohue went on to say the Equality Act would be the end of Catholic adoption agencies. While Catholic hospitals currently have the right to deny abortion based off religious concerns, this bill would eliminate that.

The Catholic League head warned if the Equality Act is passed, virtually every religious institution “would be expected to fall in line with this radical legislation.” He added, it’s hard for the public to understand how Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, two self-declared “devout Catholics,” would want to champion such patently anti-Christian legislation when it undermines so many religious liberties.

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