Nikki Haley Accuses Liberal Media of Inciting ‘Republican Civil War’

What’s good for them is bad for America

February 19, 2021

Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley issued sharp criticism to left-leaning media in a new op-ed, accusing them of dividing Republican members over their views on former President Donald Trump.

Haley’s piece, published in the Wall Street Journal, argues that these media outlets are engaging in “a calculated strategy to pit conservatives against one another” by demanding that Republicans take strong positions one way or the other about the former president.

“It wants to stoke a nonstop Republican civil war. The media playbook starts with the demand that everyone pick sides about Donald Trump—either love or hate everything about him,” Haley wrote in the piece published on Wednesday. “The moment anyone on the right offers the slightest criticism of the 45th president, the media goes berserk: Republicans are trying to have it both ways!”

But she pointed out that real life is “never that simple” as people “can do both good and bad things.” She said that when people on the left and right make judgements about specific Trump actions that they like or dislike, they’re not “trying to have it both ways” but rather are exercising common sense.

Her remarks come amid media speculation of the Republican Party’s political future post Trump presidency. Many media outlets have been paying close attention to the positions of various GOP lawmakers, especi….

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