President Trump uncovered a spirit of racketeering running the country

When I look at the last four years and how our country seemed to get more divided than any time since the Civil War, it’s easy to conclude that President Trump is the reason it occurred.

February 04, 2021

From the moment he declared war on the corruption in D.C., he became a target of all those entrenched power brokers who have been able to hide their venal activities from an unsuspecting public.  Trump became the loudest whistleblower in history when he talked about draining the swamp that had been operating like an organized crime family for generations.  In order for a Mafia-like mob to operate effectively, it must keep its nefarious pursuits from public exposure.  Hence, President Trump had to be destroyed!

Like most people, when I was growing up, I heard the phrase “no one is above the law” many times. It was a saying that provided a definition of what justice means.  If someone punched you in the nose without provocation, you were confident that you could call a cop and have the puncher arrested.  But suppose the ruffian was related to the police chief or the mayor?  Would his chances of conviction for assault be the same as if he were the son of the local electrician or plumber?  Nepotism and other forms of favoritism seem to be part of the DNA in all of us.  We want to protect our own, so we’ll use whatever resources we have to keep them out of trouble.

We can apply that reasoning to national politics as well.  Once upon a time, if politicians were caught in a corruption probe, they would quickly resign their offices and attempt to hide from the embarrassing publicity, while praying that they would not go to jail.  In addition, when public officials were exposed as incompetent, reckless, or negligent in the performance of duty, they’d step down amid a swirling tide of public outrage.  Not anymore!  These days, it takes a lot more than bribery, mismanagement, or mendacity during congressional hearings to remove these reprobates from office.  It seems as though we’ve arrived at a time in which those in power have rigged the system to keep from being penalized for their crimes.  They’ll destroy anyone who threatens their comfortable position at the top of the crooked food chain.

The foregoing is reminiscent of the racketeers who would do anything to keep from being exposed.  If you were a witness to a crime by some hoodlum, with ties to organized crime, your chances of making it to a courtroo….

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