Giuliani: Dominion Suit Is Act Of Intimidation By ‘Hate-Filled’ Left

Rudy Giuliani criticized the $1.3 billion lawsuit filed against him by Dominion, calling it “another act of intimidation by the hate-filled left.”

January 26, 2021

On Monday, Dominion Voting Systems filed the suit in a federal D.C. court, accusing Giuliani of spreading false allegations of voter fraud. In a statement soon after, Giuliani said the cost of the the lawsuit is to “frighten people of faint heart.”

However, President Trump’s attorney took the suit in stride, saying it will allow him to investigate the company’s history, finances and practices fully.

“We get to see the machines that are crooked, the ballots that are fraudulent, and if we’re wrong, we will be made fools of,” Giuliani said. “But if we’re right, a lot of them will go to jail. So, let’s have a trial by combat.”

Giuliani said he will be filing a countersuit against Dominion for violating the Constitutional right to free speech and the ability of lawyers to defend their clients vigorously.

For months, Giuliani has accused Dominion of swinging votes in favor of Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

“We believe from what we saw in Michigan that the machines have an inaccurate vote, that they’re programmed to give Biden somewhere between a 2% and 5% advantage,” Giuli…..

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