Biden Caught Lying About ‘Buy American’, Plagiarizing President Trump

Joe Biden is caught lying yet again, this time over his remarks about President Trump’s ‘Buy American’ economic policies.

January 26, 2021

But the previous administration didn’t take it seriously enough,” Biden claimed. “federal agencies waived the ‘Buy American’ requirement without much push back at all. ”

Critics have said this is a blatant lie as ‘Buy American’ was a key staple of President Trump’s policies on manufacturing and foreign trade. The Trump administration hosted ‘Made in America’ events and even imposed high-tariffs on imports to support U.S. manufacturers.

Additionally, Biden went on to plagiarize President Trump’s rationale behind ‘Buy American.’

Biden quote:

“Big corporations and special interest have long fought for loopholes to redirect American taxpayers dollars to foreign companies for the products being made.”

Trump’s original quote:

“The large corporations, who support terrible trade deals, that ship your jobs overseas and out of the country. The special interests, who want open borders, are donating to Hillary Clinton, definitely follow the money.”

Conservative analysts have said Biden is attempting to hijack President Trump’s achievements on trade and the economy with outright lies and plagiarism.

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