Ga. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Stands Up For Conservative Values On Capitol Hill

UPDATED 7:45 PM PT – Wednesday, January 20, 2021

January 21, 2021

Freshman lawmaker, businesswoman and mother Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) is standing up for American ideals in her first weeks as a U.S. representative for Georgia’s 14th congressional district.

Before she was elected to Congress, Greene was actively involved in her community while running a construction business with her husband. So far, Greene has co-sponsored four pieces of legislation, which upheld several of her campaign promises.

“America is the greatest country in the world, we need conservatives in Washington that will keep it that way,” Greene stated. “I’m running to stop gun control, open borders, the Green New Deal and socialism.”

Greene has always been a fierce advocate for Second Amendment rights. She joined more than 150 other representatives in co-sponsoring a bill to expand concealed carry laws across state borders.

Meanwhile, Greene is following through with her campaign promise to hold D.C. lawmakers accountable and to crack down on career politicians. In a joint resolution, the representative — along with other House lawmakers — proposed term limits for members of Congress.

The first-term congresswoman also defended President Trump by joining with nearly 200 House Republicans to oppose Democrat efforts to impeach him again.

In response to Democrat efforts, Greene said she plans to draft Articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden. She claimed Biden is not fit to serve as president because of his alleged entanglements with China and Ukraine.

In the meantime, Greene’s political views have been the target of Big Tech censorship.

She was banned from Twitter for 12 hours for allegedly violating the social media platform’s “civic integrity policy.” After she was allowed back into her account, Greene slammed Twitter for censoring conservative speech.

She said the Big Tech giant will eventually “fall from glory” if it con….


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