Data Scientists Present Evidence To The Georgia Election Committee, What Does This Mean For The Election?

In the latest statistical analysis and regression reports nearly 18,000 votes were found to have switched from President Trump to Joe Biden.

January 03, 2021

Caught in the act…….yet again.

The lies of the MSM and the left wing Democratic party are actually becoming really bizarre. I mean, how much evidence do you need before the blatant denial stops?

Forensic data scientists are no joke, these people know EXACTLY what they are talking about. They can spot fraud a mile away…..using math and scientific techniques.

Who are we supposed to trust? Jake Tapper of CNN, and the D.C. politicians who are widely known to be professional liars, and nothing else?

OR do we trust the objective testimony of forensic data analysts and trained scientists?

This panel of data scientists (who are not the first to say this) found that nearly 18,000 votes had switched from President trump to Joe Biden.

The report that came out late last year by Allied Security Systems, came to the same conclusion; Dominion voting systems were created from the ground up to create systemic fraud.

Again, who are we to trust? Objective scientists all saying the same thing? or a pack of known wolves and liars?

Take a look at these reports and decide for yourself:

The Red State Observer had this to say:

A team of data scientists testified before the state Senate in Georgia this week.

What they said should be heard by everyone and may be the ticket to get past the fog of the media and Democrats trying to simply ignore fraud and irregularities in the election. Because what they found is not possible without fraud/big problems in the count.

Data scientists including Lynda McLaughlin, Justin Mealey and David Lobue told the Seante Judiciary Committee what their analysis found – that 17,650 votes had been changed from President Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

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